Connecting time!


A partner in the Cornelius, N.C. Grace Covenant family, Rebecca, is serving as a missionary with Foursquare Missions International.  While living in Thailand she ministers to the people of Myanmar.  Her primary areas of ministry are:

* Leadership development in local Foursquare Burmese/Thai churches

* Teaching unchurched Buddihist children at a school for refugee children

* Bringing hope, health and healing to girls in “At Risk” situations

* Ministering to people of Myanmar, who are from a nation hostile to the Gospel.

To learn more about how to encourage or support Rebecca, please contact her by one of the following ways:



give online:

ISA 6:8  Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send?  And who will go for us?”     And I said, “Here I am.  Send me!”

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46 days – strange number you say?!?

Quick update to let you know I am still counting the days to see you!!  Nothing special about the number or even why I choose to post this today.  Just thinking of you and looking forward to spending time with you!

Things that are happening on this side of the tracks in between the last post and this one:

-reports and trying to rebuild and recover the many lost documents that went out the window with my computer crash.

-Thai language learning over load, now in a class environment.  Oh yes, I now feel the pain I cause my students in a fresh new view!!  I just might ease up on them … or not, ha

-passport, visa, and oh my!!!  so living in a foreign country and handling all the legal documents can get a bit overwhelming at times.  Not to fret, my “super hero” is always near and clears the way in the most marvelous of ways!

new passport applied for, check

two weeks to pick it up, soon and coming check

new visa for another year in Thailand, soon and coming check check  (loads of prayers for this please!  not always an easy experience!)

Virtual hugs to you for now, soon (46 days) they will be in person!!

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70 days – and loads to do

2011 Captiva Island Charlotte Sandy Rebecca (212)

Much to do, many to plan to see, wisdom as to how to move forward.  Such was the many thoughts that crowded my mind as I woke up this morning.  Then the Lord spoke a word … Psa 29: 11 The Lord gives strength to His people!  The Lord blesses His people with peace!  Now, sitting in the presence of His comfort and peace, working more calmly now 🙂



It is furlough time!  I will be taking time to speak with small groups, in Churches as well as spending time with family and friends.  All this will be in four places, North Carolina, Nevada, California and Oregon.

L.A. area July 21st – July 28th

N.C. area July 28th – Sept 28th

L.V. city Sept. 28th – Oct 6th

L.A. area Oct. 7th – Oct 13th

OR. Area Oct 14th – Oct 16th

L.A. fly out early Oct. 17th to head home to Asia


I am easy to reach:


Facebook: Rebecca.davis.esl

(please inbox message me rather than post scheduling arrangements)

Telephone inside Thailand: 092-747-6119

Telephone outside Thailand: 66 92-747-6119

Telephone in USA: yet to come

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75 days – the countdown has begun!

I sit here at the computer in awe; in awe over the last couple of years, in awe of how the Lord called me into this work, in awe of how He provides and keeps each of us.

You read the title right!!  for the News ….. I AM COMING HOME!  It is furlough time!  I will be taking time to speak with small groups, in Churches as well as spending time with family and friends.  All this will be in four places, North Carolina, Nevada, California and Oregon.

L.A. area July 21st – July 28th

N.C. area July 28th – Sept 28th

L.V. city Sept. 28th – Oct 6th

L.A. area Oct. 7th – Oct 13th

OR. Area Oct 14th – Oct 16th

L.A. fly out early Oct. 17th to head home to Asia


I am amazed at all that happened here and at home during the time that I have spent in S. E. Asia.  I am looking forward to “sitting a spell” and sharing His goodness and mightiness with you.  If you haven’t already received emails or correspondence from me about connecting, get ready!!  They are heading you way and the calendar is filling up!

I am easy to reach:


Facebook: Rebecca.davis.esl

(please inbox message me rather than post scheduling arrangements)

Telephone inside Thailand: 092-747-6119

Telephone outside Thailand: 66 92-747-6119

Telephone in USA: yet to come

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74 days!!!

Writing a brief update here!!  Wanted to everyone know … I am heading home for furlough in 74 days!!!!

More exciting news to come!!!  Don’t go away!!  Stay tuned!!  The excitement has just begun!!

a little taste of somethings to come …. oh the stories and goodness we will share together!


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Steps to starting a journey ..


Read with eyes of humor … Better to laugh with me than at me! 

Now here in Bangkok.  Have list to do, maps to guide me, bought a phone, ready set go!

• First order of business, head to US Embassy to get paperwork needed to open a thai bank account.

That should be easy enough.  I have the maps that my senior missionary gave me.  I have his step by step instructions.
check and double check I have all forms.  First uh oh, one paper needs to be printed.  Not to fret, one hour before departure to journey, I run frantically to the apartment/hotel office and ask in my best English (they speak thai here, ha) to have the paper printed.  She may not have totally understood my wonderfully spoken language, but, she totally got the overly dramatic body language.  No shame here as I must have looked like a gorilla pointing and gesturing to the printer and computer.  Poor girl went round eyed and opened the office door.  I think I scared the bee.gee.bee.s out of her because she pointed and said “you do.”
Paper printed …Check 
Taxi to train ordered… Check
new papers filled out and filed … Check 


ONE WORD sums it up … Oh my!
The grumpy gentleman behind me helped translate the entry boys Asian accent.  He was kind enough to translate loudly so we would all be sure to understand.  I think he really didn’t mean to swing his cane straight in my direction as he whipped by me to get to the next room.  Never the less I am good to duck, wave and smile.  

American government offices are pretty much the same world wide.  Lots of check in points.  For the most part, here, smiling faces.

I got to window number ?? To have forms checked.  The young lady also most denied me the retirement form.  She smiled and said, ” no, you are too young for this form.”  I said, “thank you, but I am __ years old (you didn’t really think I would give the actual number here did you?  Ha). I am one year over the needed age.”  She turned red and gave me the form.  We both had a good chuckle, even bullet proof glass can.t stop funny connections!  I just put my finger to my lips and said, shhhhh, hehe

Went through rest of procedures there just fine.  I survived!!  
Have needed papers in hand… Check

• Head to nearest Bankok Bank

sounds simple right?!  Getting there was pretty uneventful, thank goodness!
Arrive and figure out how to stop standing in a non-geometric line and get a ticket with a number.  God bless the lady I approached with my drama gorilla suit on.  Seems to be a lot of round eyed Asians in this city today!  I only pointed to her ticket and shrugged my shoulders.  I think she saw a ghost or something cause she pointed at the machine and wouldn’t look at me again.  I am sure she saw me lay on the floor In Front of her and wildly wave my arms to say thank you!  (No, I didn.t really do that!   Just thought it would have been funny as I imagined it.  I scared her enough.)

So I get to the counter to watch the girl look at The papers, walk way, come back, muttering along the way, walk away again and finally gets the more experienced girl come to talk to me.  I did not understand the Thai mutter.  But I did get the body language of what the world are we going to do with that?  (Me and the papers) After much discussion with the experienced girl, who was excellent in English and banking procedures, she starts making calls.  They explain they can not accept my paper to open the account, it is the wrong one.  When I asked what to do and explained that this was the paper the embassy had just given me, she got a different look on her face.  Then after I said I paid $50.00 dollars for that paper, she went to work.  Okay so the forming tears in my eyes must have helped.  More calls were made.  Success was to come!  Sort of.  They said it was a managers call, but that person was not here today.  I needed to go to another branch.  With that I walked outside and texted Chris Curry, senior missionary.  

Since I knew nothing of how to get around, he gave good advice.  Ask them to tell you how to go to the nearest bangkok bank.  My treading feet of new found hope, rushed me back into the bank!  To the delight of the girls, they got to help the Fralang, alien girl once again.  Feeling quite smart, I pulled out the maps and asked them to give me directions by drawing on the maps.  With new found hope and favor, I walked out to the fountain to rest a second and get all the rest of the papers in order.  This treasure hunt journey was giving me a powerful hunger!  from there upstairs to food I must go!

Forms in order .. Check
Lunch eaten and enjoyed .. Check
New lease on the day .. Check

Now heading to second Bankok Bank

The journey this bank was pretty easy.  Once I realized I turned onto the wrong street, met new friends and got turned back to destination, it was relatively uneventful.  That is after I found the bank that did not have the sign out front.  Talk about a God moment, I can not read a lick of Thai.  But I was prompted to go into that building front.  Manage to ask for new accounts.  Settled into the waiting area and started looking for all needed papers and my passport.  

Passport was gone! 

Trying not to panic, I walked out of the bank and texted Chris .. You know one of those simple messages …… HELP!  I lost my passport.  Chris is quite a calm natured person.  He simply wrote back, it’s probably bank at the bank.  Praying….
From that point on, I lost all ability to text on my phone.  Yep, I was totally alone and frankly, scared.  So, I back track and trace all of my steps.  I knew I couldn’t have left it at the bank, because I knew I looked through the papers and got out the passport at the same time after being in the bank.  I searched everywhere.  Praying the whole way.  Prayer and fear did alternate my thoughts and emotions the entire time.  I finally gave it to the Holy Spirit to guide to it. 

I was just about to leave the building when I had a nudge to go ahead ask the girls, my new found friends, if the passport was there.  A man waiting to be seen heard me and asked me about it.  His wife from the other side if the small lobby came up and asked about “passport”.  She said she saw me 2-3 hours ago.  Pointed to where I had been sitting.  Watched me get up and a man come pick up my passport book.  My heart sank until the next words came … He took it to information desk I think!  They took me to the desk, translated for me to the clerk.  She pulled it out and gave it back to me.  I couldn’t help but to start speaking and repeating one of the only Thai words I knew, kop kun Ka (thank you).  Somehow I realized I was bowing and repeating that with the proper “wai” (hands together held at face level).  I think they were happier than me!  It wasn.t until later that day I realized that a two hour span had elapsed between the times that we were both there multiple times.  

I walked out wiped my eyes and called Chris, text not working still.  Poor guy, I was so excited about that God appointment, I don’t recall giving him a chance to speak anything.  I do remember him saying, “that’s God for ya.” And something about driving …

Passport back in hand … Check

Now heading to second Bankok Bank agian

I didn’t think I needed to use the map to get back to the second bank again.  That is, until I saw the sign for Soi 12 (street) and I was supposed to be at Soi 8.  Upon arrival to the bank I was greeted with a locked down facility.  Looked at sign for hours.  The workers inside obviously did not know they were still supposed to be open until 22:00 and it was only 16:00 now!  In lieu of knocking on the window and begging to come in, I decided enough was enough for this day.  I went home.

New lease on the day .. Check

Next steps 

Tomorrow I will make the trek again and get the much needed bank account!
Sunday I will take all the papers with me to church.  
There is an informal meeting to happen to get some missionaries together.
I can check with Chris to be sure I am on the right track.

Sunday we will also have a visitor from my home church, Marisa Sellman.
She will be sharing about The Marketplace in the states and making more connections.

Monday, armed with papers and passport, I leave on the overnight bus trip to the country of Laos.  Never been there.  Totally dependent on The Lord here.  

Tuesday morning go to the Thai embassy on the Laos side of the border.  Submit paperwork to apply for year long visa.  Then spend the night in Laos.

Wednesday afternoon, return to embassy to pick up visa.

Wednesday evening take overnight bus back to Bangkok, Thailand.
Chris will meet me at the bus station.  

Wednesday or Thursday or Friday??  Will pick up all of my bags and luggage and then get back on a bus to head North.  Another 10-12 hour drive ahead of me.  Destination Chang Rai here I come!!

Pray for all documents to be accepted and correct.
Pray for nothing to be lost or misplaced.
Pray for traveling into unknown country, Laos.
Pray that I can do this next week and a half with grace, dignity and humility.
Pray that I can quickly and easily find a place to stay in at Chang Rai.
Pray that I can find the right school to sign up for thai lessons.
Pray for divine appointments along the way.

Your turn!

Send your prayer requests As well .. I love to pray for you and to lift you up!

To connect with me daily, please visit my Facebook page.

Happy New Year!  Praying His arms keep you, guide you, through  this season.
Rebecca Davis


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Let the games begin!

Upon my entrance to South East Asia I kept hearing about the Sea Games. Naturally the non-sports minded person that I am had no inclining as to what they were nor to what they meant to this part of the world.

Sea Games = Olympics

Yangon is hosting the games this year. Entering the city I had no clue as to what to expect. Seeing the new roads, the fences, the updated sidewalks and like that surprised me. Seeing people carrying smartphones and iPads are now a seemingly common site. Then I found out that websites like MSN and hotmail were opened to the people. Imagine my delight to get wifi freely at hotels and through the city.

Somehow through the mist of the new found freedom, there still lies a quiet whisper about the city and its inhabitants. The buildings are much darker with the growth of mold and pollution. Going just beyond the main streets you will see that poverty still reigns. While the Sea Games have brought about needed and wonderful changes, there is still many likenesses of old everywhere.

I have to admit, watching the athletes on t.v. has been amazing. Seeing games I knew and learning of different sports unknown to me is interesting.

I can’t help but wonder if the freedom will continue after the last victory is won. It is a ghost that is haunting me now. I pray I am only carrying a ghost for a little while and not a premonition for a long time to come.

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Let the count down begin!!

Counting Down the time of direction and redirection.

Praising the Lord for His faithfulness and timing! Friday, October 25Th 2013, I was given the approval to make arrangements to head to South East Asia. With that comes a six week time frame to put in order all affairs so that I can book a flight. Once I receive my visa I will be able to buy the airline ticket. As of this moment, it is looking like I should be leaving the USA about November 29Th.

This has been an amazing journey! I have found that it is not just about going to the mission field, it is about the journey through out the timing of preparation, the daily activities, meeting people, getting connected, it is about relationship.

The journey has been seen through the past. The past brings reflection of personal growth, His faithfulness, unexpected ministry in action. As I had the privilege to visit churches, small groups and individuals, I got to see The Lord working in a mirage of ways. At times there was ministry on the spot. Then there were people giving “nuggets of gold” to take to the field.

Today the journey is still giving many views or facets. I have the privilege to meet and to connect with so many people. Through them, I am being connected to a wide variety of people. I have a list of “new friends”. Some people I will only know (on this side of heaven’s gates) through prayer chains, F. B., other friends, and like that. Then there are the “coming friends” that I will be meeting in the field. I can only praise The Lord for continuing past relationships and combining them with up and coming ones.

Through the journey, He is kind to remind me in so many ways of why He called me. I met a girl who was “saved” from the possibility of being trafficked. With permission, she has agreed to communicate with the same age group in S. E. Asia. Her mission field will be to offer hope and understanding. He reminds me of the calling by putting a photo or a story in front of me. Then, He is kind to remind me that the work will be, at times, heart breaking and hard but always always always, HE WILL be with us. He is gracious to remind me in the times that I get overwhelmed, “HE gots this.” Let go and Let God. I can not argue with that. I simply say, “thank you, I trust you and believe you Lord.”

Looking ahead to a new part of the journey … exciting, exhilarating, wondrous, those are the words that years of anticipation brings to mind! I have an idea of what I am called to (Education development, Trafficking awareness, Christian discipleship). However, I know well the need of flexibility. The current plans are to fill the next five or six weeks with building relationships, tying up loose ends, remaining teachable, and praising The Lord for the past, the present and for what is to come.

Thank you for staying in touch with me. I value your friendship, your words of encouragement, and your prayers. Please allow me to be your connection to a dark part of the world. It is my pleasure to take The Light to the darkness together with you.

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Getting close!!

After a crazy few months of friend and fund raising I am finally able to take a brief period of time to reflect on all that God has done and is doing for me! 
My biggest realization is that after crunching numbers and counting pledges it looks like I am nearly at 100% for deployment goal! What an answer to prayer that is! This time has been a a huge growth of faith and trust in the Lord as He has opened doors for me. After visiting friends, family, churches, small Bible groups, having a large fund raiser and more, the Lord opened up so many wonderful connections. Many were new people that I had never met, but that God divinely brought along the path to partner with me.


I am super close to having all the supporters (friends and partners) I need for my organization to give me the green light to buy an airline ticket. This will be so exciting to finally have a date on the calendar – I will keep you posted on this!

As you join me in prayer for this final leg, please also join me in thanksgiving and praise!
Prayer Requests:
  • Pray that more people will join in supporting me and the precious people of South East Asia as I go out soon, and that everyone will begin giving right away. I am very close and ready to purchase tickets. 
  • Pray that the Lord puts a burden in hearts to deeply care for the Precious People that I am going to serve.
  • Pray that all other details of visas, housing in Thailand, plane tickets, etc. all fall into place quickly, cheaply, and easily…according to His will and with His grace.
  • Pray that my house is completely finished and sold before my departure date.
  • Pray for God’s grace and mercy on me as I navigate all the crazy changes right now.  Pray that I will have patience and grace to carry me through this stage of missions into the next with smiles for all.
  • Pray that preparations on both sides of the pond are done according to His timing, for His honor and His will.
We love and thank all of you for your prayer support, encouragement and friendship. Looking forward to seeing many of you before I leave.

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Walking the path of faith makes you cross many pebbles, stones and boulders. How you deal with those obstacles shapes the outcome.

I knew that following the path of The Lord would anger the adversary, satan. What I couldn’t know is how he would choose to attack. Let’s back up a few months/years to give a bit of history to this story of life.

In May (2013) I had a choice to either sign the yearly teaching contact or to follow the calling The Lord has on my life. I chose to follow The Lord and terminated my contract. A week later The Lord spoke to me in prayer and said, “If you had signed that contract and tried to see if it would over the summer, I would have kept you here another year. But because you were faithful and chose to follow Me, I will be taking you out (to the field) soon.”

Do you think that stirred up the agents of darkness? It did. It also stirred up agents of Light for guidance, wisdom, protection and much more. Victories started happening!! I have been talking to people one on one, through jewelry parties, going to Churches, visiting summer camps, fundraisers were held and more. A new boldness has beenp granted to invite people to this mission field. People have started to contact me to join The Lord’s work. Exciting times!!

When heaven rejoices, hell groans. Be on guard for the enemy lurks. Be in continual prayer for the heavens are with you.

I missed the calls Friday evening July 5th. Saturday I awoke to hear that the renters in my house had a kitchen fire. Bear with me here, but isn’t it ironic that satan attacked with fire? A few days have gone by. The adjusters, contractors, friends and insurance people have come in and out. The renters will be moving out soon. The house will be redone in just a few short weeks. Then it will be sold. The work will be done according to the victory of heaven and for His glory and honor.

The victory is sealed, all will be done in His timing. Join me in praising The Lord for another step in walking the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

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