FURLOUGH 2018 (March-June)


(please keep this timing secret from my mother, she thinks I am coming home in April, March will be a lovely surprise for her!)

This spring I am preparing to return to the States to visit family, friends, supporting churches and individuals. There are some details that still need to be worked out, but over the next few weeks, I will be sharing my perspective stops and dates through my newsletter, on Facebook and through emails.

Get ready!!!  Spread the word!!!  If you, your church, Bible study, women’s group, home group, youth group, a few friends, family members, etc. (or someone you know) would like to be included in my 2018 “spring tour” please feel free to let me know!!  It is exciting to be look forward as we, together, bring together teams and host a gathering to share in with the works of the mighty mission field here in S.E. Asia!!!  As I begin to plan out my itinerary, I am getting more and more excited to seeing as many of you as possible.  Sharing about the past works and the new future is wonderfully overwhelming!  I am hoping that my time home will be filled as much as possible with telling all about the things that The Lord has been doing in “our” lives, through the ministry, and in the lives of those whom I have had the privilege of ministering to.

During this time, I’ll be working to make new connections with people who have a passion to reach and disciple the lost in Asia.

Would you be willing to help me out with that? 

This will be the first time in just over four years that my time at home will include support raising.  This really is a testament to the faithfulness and generosity of people like you. Most missionaries see a 10% decrease in their partners per year, and that is a minimum.  By the grace of the Lord, my partner’s consistent life-giving support has enabled me to remain focused on the work that is done here and the lives we are shaping. (We being myself and the team I serve with.)

Here’s what I’m asking:

Would you be willing to host a small group gathering at your house with people who might be interested in partnership with me as I serve in Myanmar?  It would be incredible love to meet with new and current friends and to able to share what the mission field looks like with them.  It is certainly an honor to offer them the opportunity to be a part of re-directing life journeys in Myanmar.
You might be worried you couldn’t get together a big enough group, but if even one of your friends finds a shared burden in their heart, the kind of burden you have too, they can become a powerful addition to our team. When we say “our”, we mean yours and ours because we’re in this together.  The group size can be from one to many, you decide!!!
And that’s the other thing. It’s fun to share a mission with someone, to see how, with your efforts together, you can start a ripple effect in a nation that alters the lives of so many of its people.
If you’re interested in helping build an all-star team while I’m home this spring, please let me know by sending me an email or facebook private message.  I’ll can let you know more about my schedule and when I’ll be in your area.  I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

To book a time and to schedule a date:
This is an online link to book a date for us on my calendar.  This tool will help us to be sure we have time to meet and connect with each other!!  When you set a date and time, Please include a way for me to contact you.  (an email address, phone #, FB msg, etc)    https://capturedheart4asia.youcanbook.me

Serving together,


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3 Responses to FURLOUGH 2018 (March-June)

  1. love4mexico says:

    Praying for you dear friend! If you ever want to furlough here we have a suite for you! Please let other missionaries know that as well! Many hugs!


  2. Dana Wardrop says:

    I would like to plan to have you come to our home group meeting when you’re in the Charlotte area. Hopefully this will be a time to grab a few more supporters.


    Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.


  3. John Eldredge says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    I hope you are doing well. It has been great watching you go from the very start to deployment on the field! I just wanted to let you know that I am stepping down as the SED M. Rep. I really feel like I need to cut some things out and focus on other things even though I have enjoyed it very much. They are still looking for the new DMR (but I think they are close). This has been a process since Jan. I wish you the best and will continue to enjoy watching your work!

    God Bless,

    John Eldredge
    Southeast District Mission Rep.


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