Newsletter Dec 2017 ~ Jan 2018

Hello, thanks for stopping by to see what has been happening since we last met!


What a blessing to serve this past year here in Mae Sot, Thailand!!!  I have been blessed by sitting under the Mae Sot Thailand Foursquare leadership.  I was also given opportunities to serve in a few of our local ministries as well as in the community.  The places I have served go beyond those listed here, these ministries have reached many lives beyond those you see in these pictures.  We have started yet another chapter in this journey on to reach the unreached people groups.   An additional part of this wonderful path is to build up the leaders of today and tomorrow.  It is indeed a blessing of blessings!!

Briefly, let’s share some of the ministries and those whom we have ministered to over this past year: 12 girls in our safe house (Grace House), 16 boys and girls at our orphanage (Home of Hope) and 30 students at a local high school (Hsa Thoo Lei).  Beyond these, we are blessed to add to the list, mission teams, villages, teaching/speaking at conferences, working with missionaries serving here, among others way of serving here in Mae Sot.  These are a few of the ways you have helped to serve here in Thailand and Myanmar.  It has been a treasure to serve, a blessing to be able to give and now it is time to store up these memories and treasures as the time draws to a close here in Mae Sot, Thailand.  I am so excited about sharing the treasures of the field with you while I am home on furlough!

God’s Grace

One way of serving here in the field can look much like it does in the States.  When we have a “fallen” friend or family member, it is time for us to comfort and be with them as much as possible.  I am talking about a sister who has been given the chance to share her testimony of healing through the battle of cancer.

My Lisu sister Gracie, Yuu Kyi Mee, has been an incredible example of The Lord’s mercies Who are Fresh everyday.  She has walked through extremes of pain and healing with such untold joys and grace that we truly know ONLY the Lord could provide.

Most of you know I am not a nurse type of person nor am anything close to it.  So I count it a privilege that The Lord has allowed me the time and grace to go be with her and the family as often as possible to help as I could.  Through this past year, I would take my time off and make the journey to Bangkok and hope that I was not hindering but being a blessing to one of our saints.

Gracie still has a journey to follow, in the mist of those steps, she continues to show us the Love of Jesus and His faithfulness.  We are honored to watch and to be apart of this testimony.


Praying God’s abundant love over you until next time!! 

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