Good Adversities

I had already walked through several minor adversities to be able to board a plane back to Asia.

Departure delay
…sickness put the departure date off from wed. To sat.,
…three shouts out to Delta, waived all fees and rocked the transition schedules with little to no pain
…doctor appt gave a set of meds that helped tremendously!!!!  I still have a way to go to clean out the chest and nose and with the coughs, but each day I am improving!

Check in counter
…curbside check in was really gracious and kind, but i should have known something was up when he took me inside to the counter
…first the lady insisted on knowing when I was returning, to america, i explained i live in Thailand, this is my return ticket
…then they could not find my resident card (which i don’t have ) nor my visa.  i showed that to them …. and she promptly went into a closed room, still do not know why
…then they told me my ticket was for the 18th and this is the 21st, yep …. look for the new one and the doctor notes on your computer please
…they then asked who changed my ticket …. Delta agent, customer service, and insisted i give them the name.  Not sure my laughter at that one helped … i guess suggesting they look at the notes again, though irritating to the lady, worked
…finally got a boarding pass and all three tickets!!!
…i think i blew her mind when i asked about seating and meals, so i left her with a smile and thank you.  However i didn’t run away, i walked, strolled really, in wonder about what God was up to.
…boarding check point was a bit strange, they kept opening and closing stations. Many people walked up and down the Fairway trying to get through. I figured i had time and just stayed where i was and watched the entertaining sites
…after that not much happened, had my last bit of Mexican food and then nothing much to tell after that, which is a great thing!!!!
Shout out to all of you and who Prayed  “BORING TRAVELING PRAYERS!!!!! They worked, praise the Lord!!

Customs Immigration
…FIRST TIME EVER …… I boarded an international flight with ZERO customs or immigration check, I mean not even a person, machine, x-ray, absolutely nothing!!!!
…the same thing in Amsterdam, we landed and were in the same part of the airport as nationals. Took off AGAIN With ZERO international checking procedures. Maybe its that i am behind in the current state of affairs, heheee
…not the same at arrival in Bangkok, good ole customs were in place and gave us a wonderful stand up shuffle through.  Which is GREAT for stretching the legs after over 20 hours in three different airplanes, 55

Taxi and Hotel
…when you hear a taxi driver say, don’t worry i know this place, everyday i drive there, everyday….well…. (at least here in Bangkok) Get ready, you will be in for an adventure!!! …After 40 minutes of circling the area around the hotel and refusing to get out until he found my hotel, oh and repeating the directions Asian style, with a smile and gentle voice,
And showing him the hotel information and map, again and again, somehow, he got it and landed smack in front of the hotel!!!
…did i mention he started off giving a price beyond the meter? I just smiled and said, pang mak, very expensive.  Poor guy, I think he lost out on that one, he would have made more money and less frustration if he had went with the meter.  Although to help him save face, i tipped him.  I couldn’t help it, I felt sorry for him
…At the hotel ….. somehow, the ticket counter didn’t know who i was and had trouble finding my ticket.  I can’t verify this, but i am still not sure i am in the right hotel, but I am in the right area of Bangkok!!
…shades of three years ago (you know, when I lost my passport)…. they (counter lady) tried to keep my passport, the elevator guy said it was quite safe.  I thanked him for turning the elevator around, a stat, and letting me pick up the passport.
Good thing he had little English skills, ha i informed him all the way down, nicely of course, of the correct procedures.  He just looked at me and smiled, probably thinking this frarang (foreigner) needed sleep, hahaha  (which he was correct on that thought!)

For this day, I know The Lord is in control.  He walks with us and keeps us.  He Take joy in covering our days and nights.  He delights in being in relationship with us.  There is no adversity that can not be overcome by the Lord Father.  Thanking Him this day for calling me and holding me yet again.  May you be blessed as I am.


Zephaniah 3:17 (NIV) says, “The Lord your God …will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Psalm 37:23 (NLT) states that God “delights in every detail of [your] life.”

1 Peter 5:7 (AMP) declares that God “cares for you affectionately and He cares about you watchfully.



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2 Responses to Good Adversities

  1. love4mexico says:

    Love this, love you!!! Praise the One That Goes Before Us!!!


  2. says:

    Wow, what a string of escapades. I hope by now you’ve returned to good health. I’ve been dealing with a persistent cough for two weeks.

    Keep in touch!


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