mission field and marching bands???

Marching band and missionaries are basically the same

Original Written and REF: By Amy Young on Aug 16, 2017
Even though this was written by another missionary.  I am taking the time to bring this to you and rewriting portions of it from my own view point.  For the oriniginal writing, please go to http://www.alifeoverseas.com/marching-band-and-missionaries-are-basically-the-same/  Please enjoy the read!

This truth hit me smack between the eyes.

I didn’t see it coming. I’m not sure I like it. (Hello, one seems fun but maybe a bit shallow and the other purposeful, deep, you know, important.)

But the truth is marching bands and missionaries are basically the same or have much in common.  Marching band camp season in the US brings about a lot of insight for me.

Here is how marching bands and missionaries are basically the same

  1. 1. Regional flavors exist.In the U.S.A. it turns out that band in Las Vegas, Nv and Charlotte, NC, are, well, not the same. Mission work in Mexico, Thailand, and Africal are, um well, not the same.
  2. The whole is made up of parts. Like other bands, marching bands are divided into sections. So, sometimes the flutes are off by themselves practicing their little fluty hearts out. Other times, the entire band is together working on their show. A dear missionary, may be a part of a team, a city team, a region, and maybe even a much larger organization. If you get together for annual or bi-annual meetings, it’s kind of like seeing the show that God is working out through your different efforts.
  3. The work is same-same, but different. Every year the marching band learns a new show. They do not pull out the show from the year before and dust it off. No, they learn a completely new show. Now, they are, for the most part, playing the same instruments, wearing the same outfits, and marching with the same marching techniques. Here is where missions can learn from marching bands: are you working on a new show? Or are you pulling out last year’s show? Worse yet, have you been playing the same show for the last four years. If you are bored, of course check with the Holy Spirit, but perhaps, you’ve been putting new wine in old wine skins, so to speak.
  4. New members come each year. The nature of a marching band is that the commitment is four years, so that means every year there are newbies in with oldies. There are those who are familiar with what they are doing with those who are just learning. There are those who have never marched before and learning to march (which is actually harder than it looks). When we are in a season of welcoming folks new to the field. It is exciting but,
  5. Getting everyone’s feet going up at the same time and height takes a lot of practice.You do about 10 steps over and over. Most common word heard in this phase? “Reset!” Oh that everyone just got it right away. Instead, you reset and do it again. Which leads me to . . . The most complete word(s) that could replace the marching word “reset” in the mission field might just be “flex it out”.  This is done over and over and over again.
  6. It can be less glamorous than it appears. What do most people see? Your marching band performance. Costumes, props, music, precision. What do they not come to watch? The three hours you were out on the practice field where you might spend a whole morning on 20 seconds of the show. When it comes to missions, what do most people hear about? The dramatic, the annoying (hello visas, I’m talking about you), the moving. Which can perpetuate the myth that everything we do is so fascinating we are basically floating through life.
  7. Growing pains. Bands do not stay the same size year after year. Three years ago, the band was made up of 40 members. (Side note: it is impressive that a small band can produce a show as impressive as a band with hundreds. Size isn’t the key factor, committed members is.) Obviously this is a small marching band. This year, there are 70 members. Exciting? Yes. But that means the majority haven’t been a part of the band for more than one year. In a few years it could grow back to 50 or so. Bands do not stay the same size, and chances are neither has your organization or the number in your country of service.
  8. The curse of history. Want to know who gave the most problems during band camp? The returning members. (oh and yes, least we not be honest here, some of the new members as well!)

Stop and pause on that one for a moment.

Those returning to the field have ideas that are well founded.  Yet at times have become inflexible and stale.  The new ones who give a spot of troubles, let’s just say that zero homework was done before landing in the ripe new field.  (“Why did you bring us out here to starve? We had it better in slavery in Egypt!.)

  1. The blessing of history. With returning members and a history of state championships, the band isn’t starting from scratch every year. Instead they are standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before. They are adding to a story that started before them and will continue after they graduate. The revolving door, though hard, brings about new blessings and allows the Holy Spirit to revive, refresh and create newness, all while building on solid known methods and foundations.
  2. In the end, it is worth it. Both marching bands and missions are about something bigger. Something that is living and dynamic. Something that pushes you to the limit physically without guarantees of glory. Something that offers a common purpose, fellow sojourners, and the chance to be a part of something that might not look like much on the ground, but the view from above? Now, that is something to behold.

Were you in a band? What did playing in a band teach you about missions? Have you watched a band perform?  What instrument did you play? Where do you think you would fit in the best as a potential member?

(I was never in a marching band.  I have never played an instrument other than strumming my thumbs. My true love? Come to the mission field and find out!!)

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baptisms, witch doctors, you just can’t make this stuff up!!!

Spring has Sprung and Summer has come!!

Greeting you with some crazy awesome way out there super fantastic times in the lives here in South East Asia!

There has been baptisms, visits to a village, decisions for christ, real life God stories that just can not “be made up!”  And the best part you get to share it with us!!  My only regret is that you have not been here in person to experience the fullness for yourself.

Please pardon the limited space below as you get to partake in a few of the memorable moments of April and May.  I pray you are blessed and inspired afresh as you read of HIS goodness.


ANOTHER Baptism!!

What a privilege to join Pastor John (Former Thai National FMI Leader) to a “not so far away” Lahu village.

We gathered up in a truck and a car to drive a really “interesting” hour and fifteen minutes.  The torn up highway, due to construction, the sketchy side road to the village could not dis-way us as we looked ahead to the coming blessings.

Two ladies had called Pastor John and asked for someone to please come to the village to baptize them.  In this area there are approximately only ten families in the region who are Christian.  At the moment there is no actual spiritual leader.  Knowing these things, made it even more vital to answer the call and to “go.”

The small group that had traveled to the village paired with the small group of family and friends went to the river side.  Men went in and cleared a path of vegetation in the mucky river for the baptism.  First, Pastor John read scripture over the ladies and laid hands on them and prayed over them. The mud on the bank of the river could not hold the pastor and the two new saints foot steps as they sunk into the mud.  They moved forward and the worship team and others on the sidelines sang, “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back”.  Pastor John prayed over them once again as newly anointed saints.

That day these saints became rich with untold wealth.  They chose to live sacrificially for Jesus’ sake and to serve Him by serving the body of Christ, they are storing up treasure in heaven. (Matthew 10:42).


Witch Doctor Witch Doctor No More!!

25 + years ago .. in a far far away land ….  these two men met in the most unlikely and/or unfriendly way.  A young pastor (on the left) fresh out of bible school visiting a village unknown to most and a witch doctor (shaman) (on the right) with zero tolerance from any other form outside his powers and belief system meet.

The shaman’s story is quite similar to Saul/Paul’s story in the Bible.  In that the shaman was trained through generations of his family on being a witch doctor.  He used his powers to do many many things in the villages that surrounded his own village.  No one dared to go to his hut unless they absolutely needed something from the “gods” and from him.  Everyone was terrified of him and what he would and could do to them.

And then one day, up walks a young pastor full of the Holy Spirit and not afraid of anything outside the Light.  Not because of his own strength, but because of the strength that was in Him and worked through him, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

It took many many visits to this village.  Many many times the shaman tried to curse the pastor.  Many many many times the shaman grew quite angry with this pastor that he had no power or hold over.

The day came that the pastor came to the village and there was something terribly wrong.  The shaman screamed at the pastor about a man who lay dying in a hut just “beyond” them.  NO ONE would dare to go to that hut because the man was also a which doctor and many many spirits filled the hut.  The shaman had tried every single magic trick and potion he knew, yet nothing worked.  The shaman dared the pastor to go to him. Believing nothing could be done, he started to taunt the young pastor with things like “why are you afraid”  “where is your God” “who are you that you think you can help”  actually the real words were much more demeaning and degrading.  Pastor John was neither afraid or willing to turn back.  He simply asked “where is this man take me to him”

Beyond belief of anyone in that village and beyond, Pastor John not only walked to the hut where the man was laying and dying, he went in!!!  And then, he prayed, and he didn’t stop praying until The Lord showed a full miracle.  It was not because of the miracle that he stopped praying, it was because the Spirit was resting with them.  The man sat up and is alive today.

That was the turning point for the Shaman to become a village leader.  That very day, he denounced his magic and all that comes with it.  He turned out everything that had to do with magic and potions and he turned his life to Jesus.  That day marked the day that the first Christian walked among a group of villages that is approximately 800 strong.  Like Paul, most people did not believe him or trust him.  Also like Paul, he suffered much to show the love of Christ and to bring others to Christ.

25 + years later, he is still growing in Christ and sharing the Word.  Because of this leader, 10 families are also now Christians and being baptized.  All because one young bible student decided to go and to keep going.  Please keep praying for both of these remarkable men of Christ and their families.

Prayer Requests:

-please continue to pray for me as I transition into a new roll here in Mae Sot, Thailand.  Your prayer support is significant.

-please continue to pray for the people of Asia.  Specifically those who are in with in our reach yet so distant from immediate touch.

-please pray for teams to come minister along side the current ministers and lay workers, the number in the team is not as important as having teams who say “yes” and come to be Jesus hands and feet.

-pray for serving with the Heart of Jesus

Give donation online:
https://www.foursquaremissions.org/donate/people/davis-rebecca/Mail a Donation:
Foursquare Missions International
PO Box 26776
Los Angeles, CA 90026-0176
Please remember to put “Thailand~Rebecca Davis” on memo line of your check.

Thank you for feeding into lives here.  We can’t thank you enough for making an eternal investment!!

You are making a difference!

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bearing fruit



Many blessings and greetings to you!

January, February and March have been filled with some amazing times!!  For teachers, summer is always a time to stretch out of the “norm” so to speak.  That is true here as well.  We are out of school and in summer from the middle of March until the first of June.

What do you do in the mean time… ???  there are may exciting ways to fill the summer break here, Baptisms, meet with missions teams and missionaries, speak at conventions, go into villages to build relationships, preach in various places, oh, did I mention, set up in a new town, with new living arrangements and new ministries?  yes, in the mist of it all, there is much to fill the summer time days!


I have had the privilege to be apart of two incredible times of welcoming saints into the forever Kingdom!  The picture above is here in Mae Sot Thailand with our Foursquare Leader and another of our FMI missionaries recording the wonderful time.

Along with these five saints, January brought eight new saints into the Kingdom.  The baptism held in Bangkok was extraordinary to witness.  As we were in the out skirts of Bangkok in an area that is prominently Buddhist.  It is also one of the more poor neighborhoods in the city.

Today these saints became rich with untold wealth.
When we live sacrificially for Jesus’ sake or serve Him by serving the body of Christ, we store up treasure in heaven. (Matthew 10:42).


What a blessing to be asked to attend this yearly Women’s convention as one of the speakers!!  It is such an honor to be able to live with the ladies and families for a short period of time and to be blessed as I feed into the lives there.  I was led by the Lord to speak on two topics, Prayer and Mary and Martha.  Both of those topics tied directly into the over all theme of this years convention, relationship with Jesus.

One hundred and sixty five women from surrounding villages signed up to come and be blessed, refreshed and renewed in the Lord.  They have a way of laughing through the hard stories and rekindling friendships in incredibly beautiful ways.  Even beyond the language barrier, I was included and was able to enjoy and relay funny stories.  I found out later that the ladies all watched me and finally accepted me due to this reason; I am the only foreigner that has come to their village, lived like they do, could eat their food (and not complain) and stayed through all of the teachings from beginning til the end.  Because of that, they accepted me and tried to talk with me in various languages, Thai, Burmese, Lisu, English, body language, among other ethnic languages.  It is only by the blessing of the Lord that I was able to attend and be there, He has done a mighty work in me and all the ladies that come each year.

They are truly Proverbs 31 women!


There are many stories that we could tell and share, but one stands out.  To honor the lady who shared this personal story about her husband, we will use the names Peggy and Sam.

Peggy has been a Christian for many years.  She lives in the village that hosted this years convention,  She regularly attends services and serves in the community.  Sam was not a Christian.  He chose to live a very worldly life with all that has to offer.  He was not the nicest person to his wife as he would regularly mock and criticize her when she went to church or did things for others.  Then this year, the women came.  Men in the village decided to serve the ladies and do all of the cooking, set up, clean up, sound system, etc.  Sam became curious and wanted to see what this was about.  His wife asked him to come with her for one of the evenings that had men also in attendance.  To her great surprise he joined her.  The next night, as she was getting ready to go to evening service, he asked her to wait, he wanted to attend.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!  Even though he did not make a pubic confession during our time together, the people of the village all confirmed that he is a different man now.  We are waiting to hear the good news that he openly confesses the Lord as His savior!  We are standing in the gap as we wait to know that he will be a “forever friend”


12-15 newly baptized saints

165 women signed up for conference

100 women heard about how to have a deeper relationship with the Lord

1 man now with a changed heart

?? unnumbered touched by  a few are willing to say yes and go, please join us!

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Beyond the Horizon

blog pic use for mar blog

Looking at the world beyond…

This large world becomes very small when you board a plane, or open the internet, or pick up a phone, or turn on the television …

I never thought I would travel beyond the borders of America.  Yet, here I am!!  Sitting in Asia and wondering at the goodness of the Lord to bring me to so many places beyond the beach lines of California and the south east coast line of the U.S.A.  I am also wondering how He saw fit to use an ordinary woman in so many extraordinary ways!!    Yes, many thoughts ran through my head as I gazed out that window that day.

The most amazing things that come to mind frequently are the simple things.  Like getting to go into villages and minister in quiet ways and also in not so quiet ways.  Sitting with people who look and act different and yet it is all the same.  Building relationships with a mirage of people, from young to old, from distinguished to unfortunate, from educated to those who may never see a school, from loving to questionable.  Also meeting eternal friends and the pre-eternal friends.

Of the countries I have been in and the experiences I have been fortunate to have; I always wonder a few things:  Why me Lord?  What can I do more for you?  How is this going to end up?  What’s next?  You know the typical questions.  What I have learned is that there are no typical answers when you are guided by the Holy One of Heaven.   I have learned that things are much better if you lean in and listen with an open heart and mind.  I have learned that He is much bigger than we can ever dream.

It would be lovely for you to dream too, to gaze out the “window” and “travel” to the far unknown places.  To let go and let God.  Let Him lead you into the places that you are meant to go and grow.


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Good Adversities

I had already walked through several minor adversities to be able to board a plane back to Asia.

Departure delay
…sickness put the departure date off from wed. To sat.,
…three shouts out to Delta, waived all fees and rocked the transition schedules with little to no pain
…doctor appt gave a set of meds that helped tremendously!!!!  I still have a way to go to clean out the chest and nose and with the coughs, but each day I am improving!

Check in counter
…curbside check in was really gracious and kind, but i should have known something was up when he took me inside to the counter
…first the lady insisted on knowing when I was returning, to america, i explained i live in Thailand, this is my return ticket
…then they could not find my resident card (which i don’t have ) nor my visa.  i showed that to them …. and she promptly went into a closed room, still do not know why
…then they told me my ticket was for the 18th and this is the 21st, yep …. look for the new one and the doctor notes on your computer please
…they then asked who changed my ticket …. Delta agent, customer service, and insisted i give them the name.  Not sure my laughter at that one helped … i guess suggesting they look at the notes again, though irritating to the lady, worked
…finally got a boarding pass and all three tickets!!!
…i think i blew her mind when i asked about seating and meals, so i left her with a smile and thank you.  However i didn’t run away, i walked, strolled really, in wonder about what God was up to.
…boarding check point was a bit strange, they kept opening and closing stations. Many people walked up and down the Fairway trying to get through. I figured i had time and just stayed where i was and watched the entertaining sites
…after that not much happened, had my last bit of Mexican food and then nothing much to tell after that, which is a great thing!!!!
Shout out to all of you and who Prayed  “BORING TRAVELING PRAYERS!!!!! They worked, praise the Lord!!

Customs Immigration
…FIRST TIME EVER …… I boarded an international flight with ZERO customs or immigration check, I mean not even a person, machine, x-ray, absolutely nothing!!!!
…the same thing in Amsterdam, we landed and were in the same part of the airport as nationals. Took off AGAIN With ZERO international checking procedures. Maybe its that i am behind in the current state of affairs, heheee
…not the same at arrival in Bangkok, good ole customs were in place and gave us a wonderful stand up shuffle through.  Which is GREAT for stretching the legs after over 20 hours in three different airplanes, 55

Taxi and Hotel
…when you hear a taxi driver say, don’t worry i know this place, everyday i drive there, everyday….well…. (at least here in Bangkok) Get ready, you will be in for an adventure!!! …After 40 minutes of circling the area around the hotel and refusing to get out until he found my hotel, oh and repeating the directions Asian style, with a smile and gentle voice,
And showing him the hotel information and map, again and again, somehow, he got it and landed smack in front of the hotel!!!
…did i mention he started off giving a price beyond the meter? I just smiled and said, pang mak, very expensive.  Poor guy, I think he lost out on that one, he would have made more money and less frustration if he had went with the meter.  Although to help him save face, i tipped him.  I couldn’t help it, I felt sorry for him
…At the hotel ….. somehow, the ticket counter didn’t know who i was and had trouble finding my ticket.  I can’t verify this, but i am still not sure i am in the right hotel, but I am in the right area of Bangkok!!
…shades of three years ago (you know, when I lost my passport)…. they (counter lady) tried to keep my passport, the elevator guy said it was quite safe.  I thanked him for turning the elevator around, a stat, and letting me pick up the passport.
Good thing he had little English skills, ha i informed him all the way down, nicely of course, of the correct procedures.  He just looked at me and smiled, probably thinking this frarang (foreigner) needed sleep, hahaha  (which he was correct on that thought!)

For this day, I know The Lord is in control.  He walks with us and keeps us.  He Take joy in covering our days and nights.  He delights in being in relationship with us.  There is no adversity that can not be overcome by the Lord Father.  Thanking Him this day for calling me and holding me yet again.  May you be blessed as I am.


Zephaniah 3:17 (NIV) says, “The Lord your God …will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.”

Psalm 37:23 (NLT) states that God “delights in every detail of [your] life.”

1 Peter 5:7 (AMP) declares that God “cares for you affectionately and He cares about you watchfully.



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Going Home

As the time comes closer and closer to return “home” (the field, Thailand~Myanmar) it becomes more and more of a bittersweet time.  You always have the excitement to return to the working fields and building the Kingdom as you have been called to do.  Yet, at the same time, you are terribly missing those you are leaving and will be missing.

Below is an article that nicely sums up the life and thoughts of a missionary:


February 1, 2015

Here’s a truth you may have never realized before. It’s something I have dealt with for nearly 20 years. My whole adult life has been lived outside my own country, and though I sometimes struggle to fit in to the country I minister in, I feel similarly in my own “home” country.

I am foreign. It defines me.

When a new missionary first gets to the mission field, it is obvious where home is. It is that place where you just left. It is the place where you grew up, went to school, got an education, discovered a church family, and formed your most important relationships.

But when you live overseas long enough, a strange transition takes place.

Your “home” country doesn’t quite feel like home anymore. When you “go home”, some of the same people and places are there, but life has moved on in your absence. When you show up for the so-called “home assignment” or “furlough,” you can not just pick up where you left off. You are a visitor. An outsider. A guest without a permanent role. Your close friends have made new close friends. Half the people in your home church only know you as a line item on a list of prayer requests. Some new technology, slang, or cultural trend has become common place… expect for you because you missed it when it first came out.

On the mission field, you said things like, “Back in my country….” but few local people in your host country could relate to your story. They listened politely but you knew they didn’t really understand. But that’s okay. You comfort yourself with the thought, “People back home would understand me.”

But strangely enough, those people back home who were sure to understand…. well, they don’t. Now that you are home, you are full of experiences and stories from the place that has become your second home. You say things like, “Back in my host country…” But, of course, whatever story you tell them about your host country is hard to relate to. The things that you really miss about your host country receive a blank stare, or a “That’s weird.” After your quaint tale is done, people go back to talking about the local sports team, the latest in national politics, or something else that you haven’t given much thought to in the past few years. It is not that they don’t like you. They do. They are glad you are finally “home.” But those “back home” people simply can not relate to your experiences “out there” in that country with the funny name whose people have even funnier (and unpronounceable) names.

On “home assignment”, people say to you, “Isn’t it great to be home!” and you think, “Yeah, kind of.” Now that you’ve had a few of your favorite foods and seen a few old friends, there are fewer reasons to stay “home.” You start to miss all those things about your host country that you came to love. Certain foods, local friends, the ministry role that you were happily engaged in.

Home is no longer home. And sadly, that other place on the mission field will never truly be home either. Home is both places, and neither place, at the same time.

When at “home”, the missionary dreams about their host country. When in their host country, the missionary dreams about their home country.

Missionaries are forever caught between two worlds. They can no longer completely identify with the people whom they left behind in the home country. But they can never truly identify with the people in their host country.

Home is everywhere. Home is nowhere.

But that’s okay. There have been other travelers on this road.

“These all died in faith, not having received the things promised, but having seen them and greeted them from afar, and having acknowledged that they were strangers and exiles on the earth. For people who speak thus make it clear that they are seeking a homeland. If they had been thinking of that land from which they had gone out, they would have had opportunity to return. But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared for them a city.” (Hebrews 11:13-16)

While here on earth, we will always feel a bit unsettled and out of place. Missionaries and those of us living away from the place we grew up may experience that more than others. But someday, all those who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ will finally be home again.

REF: http://davidjoannes.com/why-missionaries-can-never-go-home-again/

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Newsletter sermon Aug Sept Oct 2016

Rebecca’s Recollections

Did you know?

Did you know that I am home for a few months?
Although the timing is not set in stone, it looks like I will be home I the USA for a few months.  At the moment the date for my return to the field is Jan. 18th, 2017.  My leadership has graciously given me time to mourn the death of my second brother Timothy.  The day of His graduation into heaven, my mother was put into the hospital with her heart.  This is one time we are grateful to be wrong!  As it turns out, it was not a heart attack.  The diagnosis is “Broken Heart Syndrome”.  The simplest explanation I was given and can relate is that basically the shock of bad news goes in and freezes half of the heart.  During the healing process, we have been working through an interim rehab facility with my mother’s heart and then moving her into an assisted living home. All of this is ongoing, please pray for completion of papers according to His timing and will.


Did you know that I in transition?
This transition involves moving to another city in Thailand, from Chiang Rai to Mae Sot.  I will continue to live in Thailand.  HOWEVER, I will now be working with BURMESE people on this side (Thailand) of the border!  I can’t help but to think of the great command to go into the world.  And we keep going!  This is a wonderful journey!  Looking forward to seeing what the path looks like around this next bend!

Did you know that I will be serving refugee children?
As an EFL (utilizing my teaching degree) Teacher I am honored to be able to work with refugee children!!  I will be adding to my professional skill set by adding teaching at a school for refugee children!  Didn’t the Lord say, “let the children come to Me”?  He also said, “..the children will lead us..”  Even then, He knew the children who would be guiding us needs to have direction and wisdom.  Please pray for Godly teaching and receptive learning, as this is not a Kingdom centered school.

Did you know that I will be working in a home for “at risk” girls?
Because I will be moving into the area without a place to live, I will possibly be staying on the property that is home to our lovely girls and ladies.  It will give us a chance to work directly with the girls in various ways.  Eventually I might move out into another place, or I just might love growing with these angels so much that I end up staying!  We will wait patiently for the Lord’s direction!

I feel a likening to the disciples where they had no home except the road and those who would take them in on the journey.  Like them, I also feel a strong tie that never leaves me or my many needs behind.  His hand guides and directs me.  He keeps and comforts me every step of the way!

Did you know that I will be coming alongside new leadership?
Mae Sot is a town that has an extremely transit nature.  With the coming and going of people across the border (Myanmar) and the refugee camp, people and leadership in the Burmese church also come and go.  It is an honor to come along side new leadership to build foundations for future churches and ministries.  The Great Commission is to “go into the world and tell those who don’t know Me about Me”.  To do this, leadership needs to have a foundation built on Truth, Knowledge, and The Word.

Did you know that I have the honor of discipleship?
Much like above, I will also be discipling new pastors and build future ministries.  This is one area that you are so important!!!  To come and help us go from Stage One to Stage two three and four.

Did you know that an additional ministry is adding a new facet?  I will be serving as a teacher in a new program at the university.  This exciting new adventure brings a multicultural facet to the current ministry happening in South East Asia.  I have been asked to hold a conversation class for Thai’s (not Burmese) at the university level.  I have been given permission to bring my stories to the class room.  As I am a creative thinker and story teller, I do need to limit my “stories” to the ones that are in the Big Book!  You are welcome to come talk and tell stories as well!!

Did you know that new community outreaches are going to happen? We will be working with children on ongoing basis.  Stay tuned, these outreaches will need your direct involvement!

Did you know that language learning is about to take on another language?

Confession, while home much of my Thai has gone dormant.  Yes, I will need to brush up, learn more, and use much more of the Thai language upon returning to the field.

Realization, Burmese is the next language to start learning.  As I will be directly living and working with Burmese people in the new city of Mae Sot, Thailand, I will now start learning a second foreign language, Burmese.  Your prayers for learning, retaining and fluency are necessary in a volume of ways.

Did you know that YOU make all the difference in our world?

-Your prayers are what keeps us!!!!  Keep the life line open!
-Your support, financially, overseas or home, I can’t do this without you!
-Your support, encouragement, it is beyond your wildest dreams how much your emails, your facebook posts, your phone calls, your skype sessions, your written notes mean to me and to others who are limited to outside communications.  Please reach out to us often!
-Your commitment to this ministry has value in so so many ways!! While there are needs around the world, this is certainly in no way diminishing those needs, your commitment to us is truly what keeps us on the “front lines” and able to work in any situation that we might need to encounter.
-And lastly but certainly not least in any realm, your time to come to the field and serve “the least of these”  We need and accept groups of all sizes, from one to several!  Just look above, there are many ways to come serve!!  We also need medical help, farming guidance, Biblical knowledge, pretty much, we can use just about any skill you can bring to the field!!!

Did you know this only happens because of you!!
WE ARE beyond overwhelmed with gratitude for all you have done, are doing and those things that you continue to do!

Prayer Requests:

-please pray for my family and I as we continue to walk through this dark time.

-please continue to pray for the people of Asia and how you can be apart of lifting them up.  Beyond the smiles there are many needs.

-teams (can be one to many) to come minister along side the current ministers and lay workers

-serving in fresh ways, in just the “right now” “right place” “right way” to make a difference the “right people”




*I need you!  If you have the opportunity and the peace in your heart, please consider being a partner and donating to help sustain this ministry and a  life of seeking after and sharing the work of the Lord.*

Give donation online:

Mail a Donation:
Foursquare Missions International
PO Box 26776
Los Angeles, CA 90026-0176
Please remember to put “Thailand~Rebecca Davis” on memo line of your check.

You may send  funds directly through the FMI online giving web site or give through Grace Covenant Church Cornelius.  Writing Thailand-Rebecca Davis on the memo line ensures the gifts will come directly to me.  Both giving online and sending your check in that manner will ensure a tax deductible donation.

Thank you for feeding into lives here.  We can’t thank you enough for making an eternal investment!!

You are making a difference!

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Connecting time!


A partner in the Cornelius, N.C. Grace Covenant family, Rebecca, is serving as a missionary with Foursquare Missions International.  While living in Thailand she ministers to the people of Myanmar.  Her primary areas of ministry are:

* Leadership development in local Foursquare Burmese/Thai churches

* Teaching unchurched Buddihist children at a school for refugee children

* Bringing hope, health and healing to girls in “At Risk” situations

* Ministering to people of Myanmar, who are from a nation hostile to the Gospel.

To learn more about how to encourage or support Rebecca, please contact her by one of the following ways:

website:  www.capturedheart4asia.wordpress.com

email:  www.capturedheart4asia@gmail.com

give online:  www.foursquaremissions.org/donate/people/davis-rebecca/

ISA 6:8  Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send?  And who will go for us?”     And I said, “Here I am.  Send me!”

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46 days – strange number you say?!?

Quick update to let you know I am still counting the days to see you!!  Nothing special about the number or even why I choose to post this today.  Just thinking of you and looking forward to spending time with you!

Things that are happening on this side of the tracks in between the last post and this one:

-reports and trying to rebuild and recover the many lost documents that went out the window with my computer crash.

-Thai language learning over load, now in a class environment.  Oh yes, I now feel the pain I cause my students in a fresh new view!!  I just might ease up on them … or not, ha

-passport, visa, and oh my!!!  so living in a foreign country and handling all the legal documents can get a bit overwhelming at times.  Not to fret, my “super hero” is always near and clears the way in the most marvelous of ways!

new passport applied for, check

two weeks to pick it up, soon and coming check

new visa for another year in Thailand, soon and coming check check  (loads of prayers for this please!  not always an easy experience!)

Virtual hugs to you for now, soon (46 days) they will be in person!!

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70 days – and loads to do

2011 Captiva Island Charlotte Sandy Rebecca (212)

Much to do, many to plan to see, wisdom as to how to move forward.  Such was the many thoughts that crowded my mind as I woke up this morning.  Then the Lord spoke a word … Psa 29: 11 The Lord gives strength to His people!  The Lord blesses His people with peace!  Now, sitting in the presence of His comfort and peace, working more calmly now 🙂



It is furlough time!  I will be taking time to speak with small groups, in Churches as well as spending time with family and friends.  All this will be in four places, North Carolina, Nevada, California and Oregon.

L.A. area July 21st – July 28th

N.C. area July 28th – Sept 28th

L.V. city Sept. 28th – Oct 6th

L.A. area Oct. 7th – Oct 13th

OR. Area Oct 14th – Oct 16th

L.A. fly out early Oct. 17th to head home to Asia


I am easy to reach:

Emails:  Rebecca.davis@hotmail.com capturedheart4asia@gmail.com

Facebook: Rebecca.davis.esl

(please inbox message me rather than post scheduling arrangements)

Telephone inside Thailand: 092-747-6119

Telephone outside Thailand: 66 92-747-6119

Telephone in USA: yet to come

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